Partner with us!Utilize your property, we have the know-how! Partner up with Birdnest and forget about unnecessary hassles, mis-leading brokers and shabby furniture!
Screened Tenants
To ensure high standards and protecting our community members and condition of the units, we closely select the tenants’ profiles, going through a thorough screening process and validation.
From our personalized property management service and impeccable housekeeping system, to the fast check-in process and regular maintenance, you wont need to worry about any of it!
Increased Revenue
We guarantee an increase in the revenue generated due to our optimized, trusted listings, with more than 20 OTAs, increasing exposure and availability of unit.
Asset Appreciation
Following our enhancement and refurbishment to your asset, it’s value will definitely increase in the market , opening more business opportunities for you.
Why BirdNest?
We are a tech-enabled, hands-off property management and hospitality company offering modern solutions to the traditional furnishing and rental ordeals. We optimized the digital experience to ensure it’s seamless, hassle-free, and easy, offering better value for our community!
The below is our seamless, effortless, and fast process for taking care of your unit.
  • Fill the form!

    You provide unit photos, specify the number of bedrooms, and share the floor plan for screening our apartment. Simple and Fast.

  • Inspections!

    Our team of specialists inspect and screen the unit, then discuss the next steps with the homeowner.

  • Agreements!

    We provide our thorough findings and unit plans, and agree on terms with the homeowner. One step away from being partners!.

  • On boarding!

    After setting up our leasing contract, we start managing, renovating, decorating, marketing, and operating. Time to do our magic..

  • Welcome on Board!

    Now you can access your partner profile on our app for monthly reports , guaranteed revenue, and efortlessly oversee all operations from the comfort of your home.

Current & Upcoming Projects!From stagnant units, to state of the art spaces!
Boutique Nest

Boutique hotels set the mood from lobby to room. Recreate their cozy comfort at home with lounge areas, coffee bars, and meeting spaces.


Egypt's coastal gem sprawls across 6.5 million sqm, offering 5 beaches, 23 villages, 3300 hotel keys, an 18-hole golf course, and a vast marina. It's the north coast's top destination.


A coastal paradise with 12 islands, 7 km of beaches, and Crystal Lagoons®. Awarded Top Mediterranean Resort 2018, it offers luxury living at The House Hotel & Residence.

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Let us Furnish your unit!Browse through our specially curated design selections, and elevate your space to your own taste!
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